About Us

Pan-Macedonian-Convention-0128-828x552The Spirit of Macedonia is a performing arts group focusing on Greek folk dance. The group’s areas of expertise are traditional dances from the northern Greek region of Macedonia, as well as neighboring regions of Thrace, Epirus, and Thessaly. The group is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is well renowned locally and has performed nationally and internationally.

As a volunteer organization and part of the Pan-Macedonian Society of Philadelphia (a 503c nonprofit), our performers dedicate their time and effort because of their love of their Greek heritage. The dances performed by the group have been danced in their current form for centuries and have ancient origins. Performing these dances is more than a hobby for our members; it is a way to honor and connect with their ancestors and culture. Our performers are veteran dancers who have spent years mastering their skills while performing in one of the numerous Greek-American youth folk dance groups in the Delaware Valley. They bring kefi, an ineffable livelihood, to every performance.

As part of the Greater Philadelphia Greek-American community, The Spirit of Macedonia performs pro bono at numerous Greek Orthodox Church festivals throughout the year. The group also participates and performs annually the Philadelphia Greek Independence Day parade. Other past performances of note include the Inauguration ceremonies of the former president of Drexel University, Dr. Constantine Papadakis, as well as the re-opening ceremonies of the renovated Philadelphia International Airport, and the Hermes International Expo in Atlantic City. In addition to local performances, the group has traveled throughout the U.S.A., Canada, and Greece to perform at conventions, folk dance competitions, banquets, and private events.

Typically, private events are donation-based performances and include weddings, banquets and Greek-themed corporate events. All donations are used for the upkeep of costumes and organizational costs and are tax-deductible to the donating party. If you are interested in having the Spirit of Macedonia perform at your next event, please reach out to us via the “contact” tab on our website.

As a group, our mission is simple; to keep the Greek Spirit alive through dance.